Clinical Trials Shipping

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Our shipping services are designed with efficiency and safety in mind to optimize clinical trial processes. Staff are trained in dangerous goods shipping requirements, ensuring safe delivery of study samples.

Through Cenetron, Versiti Clinical Trials provides a variety of sizes of frozen shipment coolers, ambient shipping cartons, dry ice labels, biohazard labels, IATA dangerous goods labels and refrigerant packs. With staff trained in dangerous goods shipping requirements, we provide clients with all the necessary shipping materials, regulatory labeling and instructions needed for sites to prepare frozen, refrigerated or ambient specimens for shipment to a testing laboratory.


Transportation Management

Whether you are shipping samples to Cenetron for storage or Cenetron is managing distribution of your samples around the world, we understand that no two couriers’ or countries’ shipping requirements are exactly the same. Weekends, holidays, weather and world events all make sample transportation a complicated and sometimes frustrating process. 

Cenetron puts their transportation expertise to work for you, ensuring that your samples arrive at the appropriate destination on time, while meeting courier and country-specific requirements and maintaining sample temperature and integrity. With expertise in shipping to countries all over the world, Cenetron holds and maintains certifications from DOT, IATA and the CDC to ensure shipments can be made anywhere.


Shipping Expertise

Our cold-chain shipping experts are highly trained in all applicable dangerous goods regulations. They are available to assist you in obtaining the required permits and documents and in completion of all required paperwork for domestic and international shipments, mitigating unexpected delays.

Cenetron works closely with all couriers and shippers (Marken, World Courier, Ocasa, TNT, FedEx, DHL and UPS) to ensure your supplies and samples are shipped to your specifications. All shipments are monitored to ensure they arrive at the appropriate location, at the intended temperature and in the required timeframe.

Federal Regulations


Federal regulations (49 CFR 100-185) mandate that sites transporting or shipping hazardous materials be subject to and comply with all provisions of the Federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Law. For additional information regarding these regulations, contact the Department of Transportation hotline at 800-467-4922.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) produces a manual based on the International Civilian Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions, which outlines the procedures that must be followed to ensure safe transport. Training is an essential part of the process. It is necessary for all individuals involved in the preparation or transport of dangerous goods to be properly trained and tested, with follow-up training every two years. As per the regulations, each site is responsible for ensuring their staff is properly trained.