Clinical Trial Services

Clinical Trial Services
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Cenetron, Salus IRB and Versiti come together to provide a number of services for our clinical trial partners, including central laboratory services, clinical trial logistics and a nonprofit IRB.


"Now Available: Flow Cytometry for identification of biomarkers and characterization of immune responses in clinical trials"

Central Laboratory Services

Custom Assay Development
Through Versiti Diagnostic Laboratories, Versiti Clinical Trials can develop new assays customized for your clinical trial’s unique needs.
Human Blood Products for Research
Versiti Clinical Trials can provide our partners with blood products for use in clinical trials and research studies, as needed. 
Clinical Trial Site Management & Support
Cenetron provides concierge project management and clinical trial site support to oversee every aspect of each clinical trial from beginning to end.
Clinical Trial Data Management & Reporting
Expert clinical trial data management and reporting designed to ensure accurate test results in a timely manner.
Central Lab Services & Sample Testing
Versiti Clinical Trials, in conjunction with Cenetron and Versiti Diagnostic Laboratories, supports clinical trials through central lab services and sample testing.

Clinical Trial Logistics

Academic Clinical Trials Recruiting Site
Versiti’s Clinical Trials and Research Office offers recruiting services for II-IV clinical trials for bleeding and clotting disorders, transfusion medicine and more.
Clinical Trials Biostorage Services
Cenetron provides state-of-the-art biostorage solutions that preserve both refrigerated and frozen clinical trial samples.
Clinical Trials Kit Production
Cenetron specializes in creating customizable specimen collection kits and sample labels with and without barcodes for each unique clinical trial.
Clinical Trials Shipping
Our shipping services are designed with efficiency in mind to optimize clinical trial processes. Staff are trained in dangerous goods shipping requirements.

Institutional Review Board

IRB Minimal Risk Research & Exemptions
In some cases, minimal-risk research may qualify for IRB exemption. Salus IRB provides initial research review services to determine exempt status.
IRB Research Review Services
Institutional review board Salus IRB provides single-site, multi-site (single IRB/central IRB), and international review services for clinical trials.
IRB Review Boards
Salus IRB board members include expert physicians, pharmacists, attorneys, toxicologists and more. They review phase I-IV clinical trials, as well as post-marketing research, in a variety of therapeutic areas.