Biostorage Services

Biostorage Services
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Preservation of clinical trial samples beyond initial testing can save significant time and money, especially for response-guided therapy trials and time-point sensitive samples.


Onsite biostorage is another way Cenetron provides end-to-end clinical trial services to ensure sample integrity and unparalleled efficiency throughout every phase of your trial. Cenetron’s state-of-the-art biostorage facilities include 2,800+ square feet of onsite storage for samples at a variety of temperatures. With industry-leading freezer inventory software and same-day pull-and-ship services for stored samples, Cenetron gets samples because we get samples.

 Cenetron sets the pace for cold-chain sample management and accessibility. Our standard operating procedures are founded on proven quality systems and proprietary software. From arrival to departure, samples of all types (tissue, cellular, blood, serum, plasma, isolated nucleic acids and more) are traceable and monitored around the clock. Safeguards ensure every sample is maintained at the specific, desired temperature and in an unaltered condition.

 Cenetron protects and ensures secure, temperature-stable, short- or long-term storage of your samples.

  • -196 °C LN2 Liquid Phase, -135 °C to -190 °C LN2 Vapor Phase, -80 °C, -20 °C, refrigerated, and controlled-ambient storage units available
  • 24/7 monitoring of all storage unit temperature data via electronic monitoring system that notifies staff immediately, should any temperature fall out of range
  • Freezers and refrigerators are connected to diesel generator backup power
  • Highly controlled security of both the Cenetron facility and internal storage areas permits entrance only to employees with appropriate clearance